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a collection of vintage sewing patterns

sewing patterns 1942- todaySewing patterns are one thing I feel no shame in collecting or hoarding, depending on your point of view. It’s kind of like collecting books, creating a pattern library in an admirable, archivist kind of way. -sigh- I could look through them all day. Oh the history of fashion and unlike a picture on Pinterest, all the tools to make the clothes again are right there, in your hands. Here are a few beauties from my collection of vintage sewing patterns:

1960's American Weekly dress patternIt’s no wonder this was a popular pattern back in the day, with a promise of the tiny waist size pictured, who could resist this pattern?
1960's dress and hat patternA style that’s a bit more forgiving in the waist-size department. I’ve been annoyed to find no dates of publication on any of the vintage Vogue patterns- your guess is a good as mine. But thanks to Mad Men, and the dated and very similar McCall’s pattern below, I’m putting this one at 1963.

1961 vintage dress and hat patternLove everything about this one- and the heat transfer page, with the fruits and flowers all ready to do their thing with a little bit of heat.
heat transfer pattern pageThe heat transfer page is kind of like a treasure map you have to decode in the mirror or with an iron.

1965 mens bathing suit patternMen’s bathing suit and jacket pattern from 1965. Love the possibilities- pocket or no, stripes or plaid, sunglasses on or off (mostly off).

bathing suit pattern 1963Swimming suit pattern, from 1963, with all the extras- shirt, scarf and top AND trimmed in rick rack. So glad the high waisted swimming suit bottoms are making an appearance again.
bathing suit 1963 pattern back

Next, I’ll show off some great Halloween costume patterns- or what can now be considered a ‘costume’… perhaps a little something from the 70’s and 80’s.  For a few more vintage sewing patterns look here.

surf art

We picked up this t-shirt and a few others (including one that’s already at the bottom of the lake- grrr…) at the Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach, California on our summer excursion to the sea about a month ago. A fantastic shop (with great online shopping as well) with a nice local art influence making it essential to pop in every time were in that neighborhood.

Designed by local artist Tyler Warren- I’m loving his art, as does my daughter- I think we’ll be ‘sharing’ this shirt. I’ll intervene on behalf of fate and insist it be left out of future wake boarding trips or other apparel endangering activities such as building barbwire fences, painting barns and such.

What is it about surf art that’s so appealing? Pleasant seaside memories? wishes for future trips to the beach? leaving all you worries behind to stare at the water and wiggle your toes in the sand? All of the above and then some.
By the way, if I were to get a tattoo… this guy would be at the top of my list of designers- just saying.

went swimming, forgot my makeup, vintage swimwear

I think I missed my calling in life- and what a dream to look so good in the water.
I swam in the open water of a lake this morning with a group of lady friends in boring black wetsuits and without any makeup– as a matter of fact- I still have goggles marks smooshed into the skin around my eyes- hours later.  It’s a refreshing way to start the day, minus the goggle prints, if only it looked nearly as graceful or glamorous as any of these women whilst in the water. Jealous, impressed, admiration and wonderment. Maybe I should try a bit of lipstick next time and some vintage swimwear- like a silver or gold lame swimsuit.
Oh how I love summer… and water.
vintage swimwear and swimcaps
I really do want a silver lame swimsuit now, what could be more glamorous? The cut of vintage swimwear really is so flattering, which, the older I get is really something that’s becoming more and more important.

vintage swimwear
These vintage swimcaps are beyond darling and something I wish I could pull off. There is actually a pretty good selection of similar looks at Headcovers.

vintage swimwear, jones beach
A look at vintage swimwear on synchronized swimmers at a Jones Beach New York swimming pool.

vintage swimwear ladies on waterskis
I wish I could say I had seen a performance like this one at Busch Gardens or anywhere else back in the day, but I think most of us have to rely on movies or our imaginations.

vintage swimwear, flower swim caps
The Aqualilies.

vintage swimwear, synchronized swimmers
Esther Williams and synchronized swimmers.

esther williams goddess
Esther Williams.

esther williams, vintage swimwear
Esther Williams, goddess of water. Check out her fan page, swimsuit shop for fabulous vintage swimwear looks.

synchronized swimming, vintage swimwear
I love these swimsuits, and this picture is incredible.

vintage swimwear