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Vintage valentines, funny and sweet

Here are some vintage valentines, funny and sweet, that I’ve come across over the years. Vintage Valentines from years gone by that might keep you guessing, and definitely giggling.  The puns are so punny, some are completely socially inappropriate and others just don’t make sense at all anymore. Find more on my Valentine Pinterest board! And be sure to check out vintage valentines Part 2.

vintage valentines
I’m feeling faint… losing a lot of blood with this creepy blood-dripping-down the arrows Valentine
vintage valentines

I hope this was a special valentine purchased for that one special someone, not purchased in a box of 35 for your whole 3rd grade class, breaking hearts all over town with the promise of ‘some day’.


vintage valentines
More like… “Hey Valentine, I need a nappy change- on the double?!”


vintage valentines

So, what is going on here? Is he trying to say, “I may be a chubby kid, but I promise to slim down when I become a man”, so please be my Valentine?


vintage valentines

I think this is really a waterhorse dressed as a frog or a salamander in shorts perhaps…


vintage valentines

Didn’t you play ‘court’ when you were little, right after that tea party? I’m seeing a little Valentine role play coming on…

vintage valentines
So cute, I’d like this a wallpaper somewhere in my house.

a field trip

estate sale finds.jpg
We took a peek into the local estate sale and while I was looking to fall in love with a shelf,  I came home with these treasures instead.

vintage paper dolls.jpgThese paper dolls are about 8 inches (20 cm) tall and have a thick cardboard backing, very sturdy. Great baby name ideas, by the way.

vintage valentines.jpgWho can pass up vintage Valentine’s, especially one with a devil (I mean Imp) on it?

large vintage paper dolls.jpgThese large paper dolls are 17 inches (46 cm) tall and very flimsy. They have a equally flimsy cardboard prop-‘er-upper piece on the back, I’m going to have to do some repair work to get them to actually stand up. Once again, love the names.

bird needlework.jpgThis was an impulse buy, I walked by and snatched it up without thinking twice. I’m awfully thankful I did, it looks great in the kitchen.

vintage birds.jpgA few little birdies, after minor repairs have joined the Easter parade.

needlework on burlap.jpgAre these letters- V’s or unfinished A’s? Anyone got a clue? I don’t have any V’s or A’s in my troop, but I couldn’t help myself anyway. There are other uses, such as making them into pillows and confusing visitors or a close up picture for your blog header or both.

pedestal dishes.jpgAw… I’m such a sucker for pedestal dishes and bright colors.

Christmas paper train.jpgThe kids had a good time puzzling out the bag of paper Christmas train pieces with lots of ‘put tab A into tab B’ instructions.

vintage paper train.jpgLove the illustrations.