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scrapwood wallpaper

‘Scrapwood’ wallpaper by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek emulates the look of real wood planks on paper. Six different looks available- choose your favorite or how about I’ll take a few boxes of each, please.
I’d like to see scrapwood fabric too- can you imagine a couch? Or even a few pillows?

Picture scrapwood wallpaper in your life:

I think these two are my favorite- I want to cover a wall in each room of my house, wrap gifts in it, modge podge it to flower pots and picture frames…

product specs:
– each roll measures 900 x 45 cm
– no pattern: over 4m² of unique planks
– heavy-duty non-woven wallpaper
– colorfast and washable with a soft cloth
– no wallpapering table necessary
– super high-resolution printing
– FSC certified paper

decroded wallpaper sampler

Wallpaper was my mother’s thing. I can remember, as a kid, helping her hang it (probably mostly getting in the way), but I’ve never actually put it up myself and until recently, never really gave it a thought. Although, currently, I can’t stop thinking about some fabulous paper on a wall or two in my entry way…
Our recent journey to the decaying remains of Mountain Spaa Resort left me fascinated by the prints of bygone decades and seriously wishing the walls could talk. Here are some of the forgotten wallpaper prints fading slowly as year after year tick by- as the elements and the animals take over.

I brought a few props along- here’s a wool sequined shamrock from my private collection. One of exactly three St. Patrick’s Day decorations I possess.

Photo shoot- underway here.
There are a few wallpapers I missed. Now I’ll have to go back- but not by myself- because I must admit, it’s slightly creepy.

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