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iron on tees DIY

iron on tees DIY

Here are some t-shirts I’ve been making for the Beehive Bazaar. They are sooo very fun to make, I could make them all night, oh wait I already did…

iron on tees DIY
Iron On tees DIY

This is such a fun and easy iron on tees DIY. You can make tees, patch jeans or other articles of clothing, customize a bag or even towel with this method. I used favorite images from favorite fabrics, but you could use solid fabrics cut into letter shapes and a million other possibilities. Let the creativity fly as you customize, embellish and individualize your goods.  Tip: a custom bag or tee shirt is a great party favor, especially for kids parties.

You will need:

  1. Two sided iron on paper called Heat n Bond, available at any fabric or craft store.
  2. Tee shirts (or other articles of clothing) of all-size and colors.
  3. Fabric to cut up and iron onto the clothing articles, I used all cotton fabrics.
  4. Iron, scissors, sewing machine.

iron on tees diy

As you can see in the pictures, after ironing on the fabric, I reinforced the edges with a blanket stitch. Reinforcing is best done on a  sewing machine, any stitch you like will do. It’s a good idea to sew down the edges because clothing will be washed over and over and the ironed on fabric will inevitably fray with that sort of wear and tear.


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  2. H

    May 2, 2007 at 7:03 pm

    Noelle, That is a coool comment from China.

    Took crazy pictures at Hope of America yesterday. Thought of you and SteveO.

    Can’t get any felt or clay work done. Ug.

  3. steph

    May 4, 2007 at 4:49 am

    ‘Lil G & G ‘Lu need some of that action! Those are lily and gracies street names!

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