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Clown costume

The making of a clown costume, using a jumpsuit pattern
clown costume details The finished product looks a little crazy on the hanger but I assure you it looks good on- with the nose and clown red wig, I can wait to see him riding the unicycle in this outfit. I added a bit or flashy rick rack to the collar ruffle and went with the traditional three pom-poms over the wacky clown tie.

making a clown costumeThe back view- even crazier I think.

homemade clown costumeI think we will forgo the ginormous clown shoes. His black Chuck Taylor’s look just as good. This clown has very serious plans for trick-or-treating until he drops or until the bag is too heavy for a human being to carry- being that Halloween falls on a Friday this year- no getting up early, in-school candy hangover to deal with the next day. Floppy cartoon shoes will only slow him down, and we can’t have that now can we. I say bring it on. We aren’t a big sugared cereal, candy in the cupboards sort of family- so we let it all hang out on Halloween, get your fill my darling little pranksters. And I might be skimming a few favorites of the top of those overflowing treat bags too.
Oh, I love Halloween for so many reasons. To see the clown on Halloween look here.


  1. curtandlace

    October 24, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    This is Lacey Daily. I love looking at your blog. Your projects are so cute, and oh so crafty. Which we have discussed that I am lacking in that area. That clown costume is great.

  2. homemade halloween costumes | noelle o designs

    July 14, 2016 at 10:47 am

    […] It was a bonus that this clown has been working on his unicycle skills for months and is good enough to ride around with his candy bag in his hand. This costume is made out of a pile of silk scarves my mother-in-law gave me (instead of Goodwill).  Zipper down the back (basic Halloween costume pattern) and a few pom-poms down the front. Makeup was studied at various clown makeup sites online, then applied just before the school parade. Red wig and red clown nose are from a local costume shop. Converse shoes tie it all together. For a closer look at the clown costume look here. […]

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