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something for the boys

This bit of clever inspiration came to Steve O as we were puzzling over designing something handmade for boys. It’s been feeling nearly impossible to come up with something that boys would appreciate and wear that isn’t too cute, girlie or a skull and crossbones- an image I am so done with.
He came up with this luchador mask from lucha libre,  Mexican wrestling (the book shown is Espectacular  de Lucha Libre, fotographias de Lourdes Grobet) and went as far as to draw it all up, cut it all out and everything. Manly enough for sure, I think I’ll add it to the very short list of good design out there for the fellas.

I just couldn’t pass up these boys, I found these two never used, but previously owned linen tea towels at the local thrift store this week. At first, I had no idea what I was going to do with them, using them as towels was out of the question, within a week they’d be ruined. Make them into oven mitts?… frame them and hang them on the kitchen wall?… no, they aren’t that funny… And then it hit me today- I’m thinkin’ a little something/something for an apron or two, perhaps on a pocket. Just you wait, I’ll see what I can come up with.

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