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tiny house week: monday

Tiny spaces are so intriguing to me.
 I think I can pinpoint when it all started.
When I was in elementary school there was a fabulous, intricate, brightly painted two story playhouse on a trailer parked on the side of a major road we used to drive everyday. The dollhouse/playhouse has a sign posted near it that said- ‘Enter a drawing to win this playhouse.’  I begged my mom to stop and enter the drawing. Once entered, I was certain I would win. How could I not when I wanted it more than anything or anyone else?  I dreamt night and day about what the playhouse looked like inside, how I would carpet, paint and decorate it. I was obsessed, like only a naive 10 year old can be. But as entries in all drawings and giveaways go (in my world), I didn’t win. I was devastated- perhaps still am.
Something in me still longs for that pint-sized playhouse of my childhood. Now as an adult, when I see a tiny house/shed/outbuilding, I have this overwhelming sense of longing and, let’s be honest here, covetousness. (Also, that thing- like when you see a cute baby or a fluffy cat- I clench my teeth, raise my voice an octave or two, say ‘cute’ a lot, and want to squeeze the guts out of the cute thing.)
As the weather warms up,  I’ve been running and biking around my tiny, quaint new-to-me hometown. It’s a pleasure to get out of the car and see details, all the wee buildings- like the garden shed above. I mean are you kidding me?? It’s like 10 sq.ft. tops and couldn’t be more perfect.

So I’m dedicating the week to tiny buildings. If you’ve got a favorite in your town, link it up here and share the love.

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