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Here is the best of my research, my faves in the folk art flower department as I prepare to paint my shutters. I figure, there aren’t many places you can get away with painting fancy swiss scenes on the side of your house, garage doors or shutters. But living in Midway UT has afforded me this special opportunity. And so, I will join the ranks of folk art painting on the outside of my house, just as soon as I can design something I find appropriate.
Links to the artists in case you want to see more of their art.
From the top left:
1. Inaluxe, etsy shop here.
2. Swiss biscuit tin, google “swiss folk flowers” image search.
3. Embroidery, pattern here.
4. Traditional Polish folk design.
5. Red Lantern folk art, Mukashi Collection, find it here.
6. Wycinanki, Polish paper art.
7. American folk art quilt.
8. Kalocsa embroidery design, pattern here.
9. Kalocsa embroidery design, pattern here.
10. Swedish folk art embroidery, pattern here.
11. American folk art quilt.

12. Green Garden Stamps, etsy shop here.
13. Karla Gerard, website here.
14. Swedish folk flowers, embroidery.
15. Hungarian folk art embroidery.
16. Wycinanki, Polish paper art.

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