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sticks and stones, notes from my kids

sticks and stones, notes from my kids
This note speaks for itself. It’s possibly my favorite note I’ve ever read (secretly, of course) from one of my kids. Q- once again reminding me in writing to take a chill pill, calm down, don’t freak out, regroup, take a timeout, read some parenting help books. Remember, sticks and stones… notes from my kids.

sticks and stones, notes from my kidsWhen it comes to the Tooth Fairy, some bit of correspondence must be included. Most of the time the kids want personal information like: what is your name? are you married? or how tall are you? This time F was going along with the rumor that a friend’s friend had gotten an RC car from the Tooth Fairy. Urban legend, my son. He did get three dollars though because it took that darn tooth fairy 3 night to pay up- sheesh! I mean what does a kid have to do to get some good service around here?

sticks and stones, notes from my kids
This is a self portrait of M (at age 6). She doesn’t have bangs, but as you can see- she really wants them really bad.

sticks and stones, notes from my kidsM is not shy about who she has a crush on. She let’s the whole world know, she loves to shout it out- literally. This was found in her backpack, apparently, she has a new muse and his name is Clay… working on getting his number. Kindergarten romance…

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