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rock painting is for everyone

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is upon us. School is winding down and all the youngsters will soon be unengaged, shuffling about and looking for something to do. Keep their brains  and hands (and your own) occupied with the super simple and affordable activity- rock painting.
Who: Everyone who can hold a paintbrush (sorry cats and dogs- you just get to model).
What: Painting your dreams into realities and special keepsakes.
Where: The beach, the forest, your backyard, at a birthday party, at camp, in a van down by the river…
When: Any time, probably outdoors- unless it’s raining.
Why: Because it’s fun and you might learn a lot about someone by what they think up to paint onto a rock.

source   Graffiti art rock- left behind to elicit smiles.


source Or keep it simple with some glue and a handful of glitter.

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