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Tutorial: life skills for journal keeping

How to make keeping a journal fun:
1. Keep good art and writing supplies handy- having assorted colors and types of writing utensils will make you look forward to filling those empty pages. There is nothing as boring as a entire book filled with text in black ink from a Bic Ultra round stic grip pen bought in bulk from a big box store. You’ll never be tempted to look back on the pages, the book will stay shut until the next generation is forced to take it up and read.
2. Mix in materials such as ribbon, pictures, feathers, newspaper clippings, use rubber stamps, stickers, tulle or glitter. Sew or glue in the extras.
3. Experiment with techniques in handwriting and drawing– dot your i’s with hearts, copy a poem in bubble letters, try for your very best handwriting ever.
4. Get out the watercolors or acrylics– an easy, quick drying (watercolors dry quickest) way to add colorful fun.
5. Don’t throw away anything– save receipts, wrappers, concert tickets, invitations and paste then right onto the pages to add pizzazz, texture and shore up great memories.
6. Guest authors– paste in notes from friends, children, family members. Hand the pen over to your spouse/child/roommate/partner and let them have at it. Ask them to recall a funny story, memory or joke.

7. Guest artists– from time to time, solicit a drawing from loved ones- on any subject that interests them.

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