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Halloween costume week: Day 2

Remember Monsters Inc.? One of our favorite movies to this day, I had the give the Boo costume a try a few years back, and my daughter was in the exact stage as the little gal in the movie. We got a lot of giggles on this one!

Quite a bit of foam molding and gluing and special fabric searching, thankfully a sharpie for drawing suction cups on the arms and legs. I think the ‘hair’ was actually from a mop.

This BMX bike rider costume, (specifically our friend and BMX legend Fuzzy Hall) was quite a bit easier, stickers on the helmet, iron-on letters on a jersey he kept on wearing after Halloween. Knee pads and gloves used before and after October 31st too.

If you have girls, plan on at least 15 years of princess type costumes- pretty much any sparkly dress with a hoop or tons of tulle under it. Since it’s debut, this dress has been worn at least 1283 times by every little girl who has set foot into our house, as it should be!

A funny story about this Halloween- I took about a million (ok, probably 36) pictures, with real film (I think it was 2002?) but when I went to get the pictures developed… the pictures were black and white! Don’t get me wrong, I love B&W pictures- but not on Halloween. So, I have all of these great pictures of Boo with Sully and Mike (whenever we came upon those characters) pictures with little friends throughout the day- all in black and white. So, we did a re-Halloween-photoshoot, all of the color pictures shown above are from about a week after Halloween. Hair and make up redone and coaxing confused kids (are we go trick or treating again?) back into costumes- quite a challenge. Fun memories!

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