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tricky tip for making faux boot socks

If you’ve found yourself wishing you had a taller pair of socks to peek out of the top of your boots OR maybe you have a favorite pair of socks with holes in the toes and you’re not yet ready to throw them away, here’s an excellent sock upcycling tip:
This pair of pure wool socks has shrunk with numerous washings and are now way too small but still perfectly useful with minor alterations.

With a pair of sharp scissors, cut off the socks at the ankle. Optional: If you have access to a sewing machine, you might want to hit the raw edge with a zig zag stitch so it doesn’t begin to unravel, this will happen in some cases but not all.

Pull the sock sleeves into place and put on your boots.

All finished- and as long as you don’t have to take your boots off in public… your golden!



  1. kalamitykelli

    December 4, 2012 at 9:03 am

    I love this idea! It’s so smart!! That would also be great for some very pretty but also very itchy socks – just cut the foot out! I had a big haul this weekend and thought of you when I made 2 purchases – I bought 2 big boxfuls ($3 each box). 1 box had those fabric panels that make ornaments and stuffed-like people/animals/characters. You get the front and back, cut out both – sew together and stuff? over 200 new vintage already-cut-out panels. The other box was over 250 already cut and sewn together quilt pieces in the Sunflower pattern. Underneath all those were 9 beautiful quilt tops that are the size of lap quilts – if you know what I mean. Now, since I don’t sew, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it all – but these pieces were just too cool to pass up!

    1. NoelleOlpin

      December 4, 2012 at 9:11 am

      Good idea to combat the itchy sock problem too! The cut off sock idea comes from my clever daughter- now I’m looking at my sock drawer in a whole new light!

      Where did you get the boxes? I’m so jealous, sound like a dream come true- finds like that are better the Christmas morning! 🙂

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