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fly the friendly skies- vintage airline photos

fly the friendly skies United airlinesI ran across a book about the early days of United Airlines in a thrift store the other day. Most of it was detailing the beginning of the company- the aircrafts, mechanics…blah, blah, boring…

Then I came across these pages… fashion from the early days of air travel and of that aspect- I can’t get enough. Here are my favorite vintage airline photos from the pages, taking you back to past episodes of Mad Men or the real good old days if you were born in the 1940’s or so. In either or any case, enjoy.

1960's stewardess outfitsLove it, barefoot but with gloves on.
I want to make these dresses and hats– at the very least, as Halloween costumes.

United airlines meal served, 1950'sThe cabin seems stuffy and crowded but all are well dressed, shoes polished, to be sure. Maybe kids wander and sit on the floor?

1950's airplane mealYum, economy class airplane food… it really hasn’t changed much.

airline service for babyOh the baby… (with a rattle in hand) being catered to.

1950's United airlines photoOK, her jacket is fabulous- every line and button- all of it. I just might have a similar pattern in my vintage pattern collection… another garment to put on the ‘to make’ list.

United airlines mainlinerI love getting on a plane this way, walking across the tarmac and up the stairs. It doesn’t happen often enough these days.

1950's airline travelI love this red-carpet well dressed (and groomed) world. Appropriately dressed for travel all these years later is very loosely interpreted… four inch heels, your tightest pants and smallest shirt for seemingly endless walking through terminals and hours on a plane? Really? Is it just me?

My husband recently watched a girl in extremely high heels trip and fall on her face in an airport, I’m sorry folks but she had it coming to her! …and he tried not to laugh out loud.

United airlines US map 1950'sI would like this map to be printed on fabric, please. A lovely, simple illustration.

Oh and sorry southeasterners, you’re going to have to wait to make the map and learn to fly the friendly skies later.

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  1. kalamitykelli

    July 17, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    I totally love these kinds of pictures! I remember when it was a big event to fly!

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