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fix a hole in jeans
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How to fix a hole in jeans

how to fix a hole in jeans

What do you do when your favorite pair of jeans rips out in the knee, pocket or hip area or even worse- when your new, expensive jeans gets randomly snagged and torn on a sharp object? Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to fix a hole in jeans- the right way.

 hole in jeans

Who wants to retire a favorite pair of jeans for such a small reason? No need- they’re easily fixed and saved from retirement. It’s simple- learn how to fix a hole in jeans- from start to finish in about 15 minutes.

For an excellent patch that will last, you will need: iron on patch kit, iron and a sewing machine.

patching pants tutorial

Iron on patches are the best place to start. This is my tried and true method for patching pants- anywhere you have a hole.

You can find these patches online, at any fabric store like Joann’s and even Walmart. For another fix along a seam, take a look here.

denim iron on patch

I’m going to use a big patch for this hole and trim it into a narrow rectangle with about an inch of overlap on all sides of the hole.

sizing an iron on patch

When trimming down the patch make sure to round the corners of the iron on patch.

how to fix a hole in jeans

Now the patch is all ready to be placed on the inside of the pants, over the hole and ironed in.

iron on patch

Heat iron for 5 minutes on the “Cotton” setting (follow the temperature directions on the patch package) Turn the pants inside out and center the patch, iron-on side down. If the patch will be covering a hole, place a piece of paper underneath hole before applying the patch.

how to fix a hole in jeans

Hint: For patching an area near the pocket, pin the pocket up and out of the way or it can easily get stuck and ironed into the patching area.

how to fix a hole in jeans

Working on a firm, protected surface, preheat the worn area with iron. Position patch shiny side down. Press firmly for 40 – 45 seconds. Finish by pressing around the edges.

how to fix a hole in jeans

Let the fabric and new patch cool, check bond. Press again if necessary. Turn the jeans right side out and repeat.

how to fix a hole in jeans

If fibers are left hanging out over the hole you can choose to leave them and sew them into the patch area or trim them off. In this case, I trimmed off the threads.

how to fix a hole in jeans

To really secure the patch stays in place you must sew it into place. After patching many pants in many places on the pants, I’ve found that without sewing the patch in place it will definitely start to peel up on the corners after a few washes.

how to fix a hole in jeans

Pick a thread color that matches the color of the denim.

sewing machine platform

Many sewing machines have a removable platform or bed extension. If possible, remove this section when working with pants.

how to fix a hole in jeans

With a smaller machine bed area ready, you’re ready to sew.

how to fix a hole in jeans

If your patch is anywhere near the pocket,  once again pin it up and out of the way or it’s likely to inadvertently get sewn into the patch area.

sewing a hole in pants

With a large zig zag stitch, sew across the torn area.

how to fix a hole in jeans

Sew back and forth across the tear area (with the patch underneath) a few times with the zig zag stitch.

how to fix a hole in jeans

This is what the inside of the patch will look like at this point.

sewing an iron on patch

Now turn the pants all the way inside out. With a straight stitch, sew around the perimeter of the patch, about 1/4 of an inch in from the edge of the patch. This will reinforce the adhesive on the edge.

how to fix a hole in jeans

All sewn into place, you should be able to wash these pants over and over and the patch won’t begin to peel on the edges or completely come off.

how to fix a hole in jeans

On the front side, it’s nearly impossible to see the stitching on the edge of the patch.  With a zig zag stitch sew around the hole again to reinforce the patch and the fabric around it.

how to fix a hole in jeans

And you’re all finished, now you know how to fix a hole in jeans and your pants are ready to wear again!

Thanks for following along, comment if you have any suggestions, success stories other techniques to share.

For another patching project take a look here.

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