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How To Repair Ceramic Pottery

Last winter this blue ceramic planter in my backyard cracked- good thing I’ve been know how to repair ceramic pottery… done it a time or two. This particular planter has been in my yard for at least 15 years and because I love the color and I’m not keen on throwing it away …and I know it can be fixed.

This is a quick and easy project and video tutorial for upcyclers and those who would like to learn to repair, reduce, repurpose. So much is thrown away everyday, let’s recycle instead of purchasing new goods and sending old items to the landfill.

I’ve been fixing my planter for years, because of that just about every pot in the outdoor spaces in my yard have been fixed at some point.

The culprit is the climate I live in, winter in the Utah mountains can be harsh but so can the sun and water of summertime. But no matter the reason, the fix is easy and will last for years.

Think the fixed crack will be obvious to anyone viewing the planter? The truth is- one only sees the flowers and plants in the planter and not the vessel holding them.

You will need:

I use E6000 glue for the repairing and so much more in my life and household. E6000 glue can be purchased at just about any retailer from Walmart to Home Depot and everywhere in between. And of course it can be purchased from many online retailers.

This planter is so old and full of character that it used to be green. The glue has settled into a yellow hue- but the repairs have held for years and years.

So, I fixed this blue planter and made a quick, inspirational video about the process. This is a quick, easy how to repair ceramic pottery project. A DIY project that will make a beloved piece of pottery last for many more years. Also a great way to save money. Buy quality goods, take care and fix them when needed to make them last and last.

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