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recycled sail cloth project
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Recycled Sail Barbeque Cover

Have you ever wondered about how to recycle or upcycle a retired sail? I’ve had a few old sails stored in my garage waiting for another chance, a second life as a useful project. As it turns out sail cloth is perfect as a recycled sail barbeque cover. The fabric is white so it absorbs less sunlight, waterproof, sturdy and windproof.

When my old shredded plastic barbecue cover protecting my cute red BBQ started literally falling apart at the seams I needed a new plan. Enough is enough with the cheap plastic covers that only last a season. Then it occurred to me that one of the old sails sitting in my garage would be the perfect material for this kind of easy upcycling project– a recycled sail barbeque cover.

DIY Project Plans

An easy project with a full video tutorial, with just a few seams to be sewn. I would definitely recommend this recycling sail BBQ cover project to those of you with an adventurous spirit and an eye for eclectic design and use in your backyard. Thinking creatively and with reuse and recycling in mind is a skill and a gift.

It feels so good and it’s more important than ever to upcycle goods around us and make a concerted effort to consume less. Let’s hone those upcycling and recycling skills!

Leave all of the sail numbers visible for reversibility super powers- present it 4 ways. If you have any other ways that you’ve recycled or upcycled sail cloth let me know- I would lover to hear about your project ideas!

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Final words to live by:

The most sustainable item is the one you didn’t buy.

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