St. Patrick’s Day or Springtime Door Wreath

Wacky Green and Sparkly Door Wreath

You will need:
Wreath form, various swatches of green (or spring colored) fabric, twine, green and white felt, straight pins with pearly colored heads, variously shaped multicolored sequins. (rick rack and other trimmings optional- I didn’t end up using these items in the end)

Gather up all of your green items, pastel or spring colors if you want a springtime wreath.

Cut the swatches of fabric into rectangular shapes of roughly the same width.

Sew the swatches together to make a long, long line of your various fabrics.

I used a straw wreath form thinking I might keep some of the straw exposed and giving it a Easter basket feel. In the end I covered up all the straw because it was messily dropping straw bits everywhere. The good thing about the straw in the end what that you can pin right into it, no glue gun needed. Wrap the fabric around you hand, pin the end to the back of the wreath and start wrapping.

Wrap the fabric tightly around the wreath form.

It seems like it took about 10 ft. (3.5 m) of fabric to finish covering the whole wreath, use a pin on the back to attach the final piece of fabric.

I was in a very recycling mood when preparing for this project so instead of heading to the craft store, I worked with what I had laying around the craft room. These green and white felt pieces came with some Anthropologie gift wrap.

I strung them onto the twine for a bit of texture.

Just like the fabric, I wrapped the twine around the wreath and used pins to secure the twine.

Move the felt circles until they are evenly spaced, secured with a pin on the ends of the twine.

A little sparkle always adds an eye catching element, so get out the sequins!

I experimented with many different sequin shapes and combinations and this is what I ended up liking best- it could be a shamrock, it could be a flower. Here’s how to make it:

Line up the sequin shapes on order from smallest to largest, then thread them onto the pin with the head color you want to be the middle of the design. The great part is that you can experiment and change your mind a million times without any effort at all.

Experiment to your hearts content- then call it good. Stick the pin and sequins into the center of a felt circle and repeat all the way around.

You’re finished- cut off another piece of twine and hang your wreath on the door. Good job!

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