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high on a mountain top- mountain quilts

mountain quiltI traded a piece of art with an artist friend a few years ago- it’s been my turn to make good on my end of the deal and create a quilt. This is the art we’ve decided to collaborate on.

20130402-013819.jpgI started with a foundation of muslin, thinking I would piece the mountain using a foundation method. I had it all worked out in my head, it was going to be so easy and straightforward.

20130402-013831.jpgI dug out all the right fabric pieces in all solid colors. Another exciting and different element, I don’t generally work with all solids, but luckily I had an entire tub on hand from past projects.

20130402-013851.jpgThe progress I’ve made so far… After just 3 pieces built onto the foundation, I found myself picking seams out so I scraped the foundation plan and started just building color onto color. It’s taking me longer and with much more puzzlement than I had anticipated. But, a challenge is always good. Mountain quilts are beautiful- in any color combination or pattern- it’s the imitating of nature that’s so intriguing and breathtaking.

I’m going to have to walk away from the progress for the rest of the week- we’ve got some spring break fun planned. We’ll be going south, to Escalante Utah for an escape from IT all. Phew, a much needed break for everyone. Here’s to spring!

To see the finished quilt look here.

I think it’s a record

Having a deadline-this quilt’s departure to Costa Rica on April 1st- was definitely a good thing. I think this is the fastest quilt I’ve ever made (under 2 months start to finish) but hopefully not the last. It feels too good.
20130322-202123.jpgFinished size is 51″ by 64″, a good size for a wall hanging or throw. I believe the ‘random mix plan’ worked, there’s just enough consistent unconsistency in the fabric and colors that it works- smoothly flowing chaos.

20130322-202133.jpgWe picked a round swirly pattern for the quilting, to offset the completely straight hard lines that make up the whole pattern.

20130322-202209.jpgThe back and better view of the quilting job- thanks Cindy! As you can see, I need to fill in the label I sewed into the corner. I’ve got to make sure I’ve got the Spanish words correct before I start writing. (The quilt is for my daughter’s host family in Costa Rica, she’s there for a 6 month foreign exchange.) She’s been there about a month and a half and has been treated exquisitely every moment of it. We are forever indebted for their kindness, love and generosity- the very least I can do is make them a quilt!

20130322-202225.jpg This is what I’d like to do… curl up under the quilt with a cup of tea, snack and a good book (I’m going to re-read These Is My Words by Nancy Turner because I love it so much). Well, we’ll see how that goes…  I can dream can’t I?

20130322-202320.jpgMixing it up- a close up view of the fabrics. There are all varieties in the mix- the part of the ‘random mix plan’-  old and new, small patterns and big, dark and light, all in this together.

For the full tutorial on making these block using the foundation piecing method look here.

For the post on piecing the blocks look here.

For how to piece together the finished blocks in the quilt top (including a look at the blocks from the back) look here.

all together now- scrap quilting ideas

confetti scrap quilt, scrap quilting ideasHere is an excellent idea in the scrap quilting ideas category- the Confetti quilt. Take a look and see what you think…

Got the Confetti quilt top all sewn together, now onto the next step of getting it all quilted. It needs to make a plane for delivery to Costa Rica with a friend in a few weeks so I’m under the gun. Having a deadline has been a good thing and given me a sense of accomplishment. I feel less guilty, lazy and slovenly about all the unfinished projects that sit around me yet to be completed (or even started).

confetti quilt, scrap quilting ideasLittle friends helping- we’re fighting the wind here, but enjoying the beautiful spring day.

close up squares, scrap quilting ideasThis quilt is for my daughter’s host family, she’s currently on a foreign exchange in Costa Rica. They own a flower business and beautiful greenhouses surround their house (so I’ve been told) so I spread the ‘seed package’ fabric throughout the quilt. Too bad it’s not written in Spanish.

random fabrics, scrap quilting ideasAnd because I love the colorful Costa Rican colones and the sea creatures pictured on the bills, I threw in some underwater creature fabric. There aren’t any sharks on the fabric, but there is a section with a dolphin, and fishes in the mix. Unfortunately, I didn’t have sloth fabric at my disposal- I might have had to dream that up myself at Spoonflower

costa rican money, colones

quilt top backside, foundation piecing, scrap quilting ideasJust for reference, here’s what the back of the quilt top looks like, all of the foundations and their triangle companions all sewn together.

scrap quilting ideasHere’s the full frontal view on the yellow hibernating-until-just-last-week lawn.  The fabrics were literally all scraps (my favorite part, my frugal self is continually haunted by scraps), I ran out of specific fabrics as I went along but there were 2 or 3 fabrics I had enough of to include in every block and achieve some continuity.

FYI- I sewed the vertical rows together first (10 in this case) then the 10 sections together, pressing with an iron in between.

For the full tutorial on foundation piecing and making this quilt look here.