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high on a mountain top- mountain quilts

I traded a piece of art with an artist friend a few years ago- it’s been my turn to make good on my end of the deal and create a quilt. This is the art we’ve decided to collaborate on for a mountain quilt.

mountain quilt


I started with a foundation of muslin, thinking I would piece the mountain using a foundation method. I had it all worked out in my head, it was going to be so easy and straightforward.

making a mountain shaped quilt

I dug out all the right fabric pieces in all solid colors. Another exciting and different element, I don’t generally work with all solids, but luckily I had an entire tub on hand from past projects.

colorful cotton fabric scraps

The progress I’ve made so far… After just 3 pieces built onto the foundation, I found myself picking seams out so I scraped the foundation plan and started just building color onto color. It’s taking me longer and with much more puzzlement than I had anticipated. But, a challenge is always good. Mountain quilts are beautiful- in any color combination or pattern- it’s the imitating of nature that’s so intriguing and breathtaking. 


I’m going to have to walk away from the progress for the rest of the week- we’ve got some spring break fun planned. We’ll be going south, to Escalante Utah for an escape from IT all. Phew, a much needed break for everyone. Here’s to spring!

To see the finished quilt look here.

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