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how to make a policeman costume

This policeman costume is easier than you might think, follow a few of my tricks and tips you’ll be ready for Halloween in no time at all.policeman costume

What is cuter than a tiny uniformed officer of the law?  We’ve loved this costume so much that two of my kids have worn it over the years.  Making a policeman costume is easier than you think, take a look and see how to easily pull together the cutest cop costume ever.
policeman costume

Policewoman or policeman costume essentials:
policeman costume

You will need:  shirt, pants, hat, shoes, belt and cop accessories.

policeman costume

I made this shirt but any basic blue, black or white button up shirt can be used. The trick is in the details.  The name badge is made with a swatch of fabric and a Sharpie pen, then sewn onto the shirt.  The police badge is from the costume shop and pinned to the shirt. Don’t forget the crisp white t-shirt to be worn under the uniform shirt!

policeman costume

The American flag patch and star patches are from the local fabric store and can then be sewn or ironed on. I would recommend sewing them on otherwise they tend to peel off at some point.

policeman costume

The official police precinct badge came from a neighbor who is a policeman- we got lucky there. But, it would be easy enough to make one with Sharpie pens on fabric or I’m sure you can find generic ones online. The epaulets with the stars on the shoulders are an important detail than can help make any shirt convincing.

policeman costume

I added darts to the back of the shirt because I wanted it to be close fitting and not baggy at all- all the better to see the belt and accessories…  Also, close fitting and tailored is how police uniforms are made to fit.

policeman costume

The pants are school uniform pants from Target.  Any blue or black pants will do but I would recommend the school uniform section for the simple trouser look in basic navy or black.

The shoes are very basic as well, they’re from Payless they were very cheap as well. Check the boys dress shoe section of any store and look for practical, durable and shiny.

policeman costume

The hat is from a local costume shop. You may have to purchase a badge separately and then sew or glue it onto the hat. Hopefully you can find a hat with a police badge already in place. I had to buy this badge but thankfully it was equipped with a pin, so we could easily just pin it onto the hat.

policeman costume

I could only find one size of hat available, luckily it was adjustable in the back. Cinching it down to make it kid-sized worked out just fine.

policeman costume

All of these accessories (minus the donuts) were purchased together from a local costume shop. I had to cut down the plastic belt to make it kid-sized, but it’s a simple adjustment to make. The donuts are plastic and are play food from our kids play kitchen. The donuts have been tied on – swinging around they draw a lot of attention and make the detail even funnier.

policeman costume

This costume is sized for a 3 year old and great for a girl or a boy. A striped convict costume would go well on a brother or sister in a cute themed Halloween situation. Just be aware of the role playing that my ensue…

policeman costume

Policewomen still need their hair and make up done, always an important Halloween ritual for all the ladies in our house no matter the costume.

policeman costume

Don’t forget the nails!
policeman costume

Thanks for following along! I would love to hear or see your feedback- aspects that worked or didn’t work for you when putting together this costume.  I’d love to see pictures too, tag me on Instagram or Facebook @noelleodesigns.  Thanks & Happy Halloween!

homemade Halloween costumes

Halloween is the best and I love making any homemade Halloween costumes my kids dare to request. This is what Halloween 2008 looked like:
geisha costume

This geisha costume was made using a easy costume pattern, probably Butterick, from Joann’s fabric store. The geisha wig is from a costume shop, we embellished it with extra silk flowers. The make up is also from a costume shop.
geisha halloween costumeShe wore her costume to school, but as the mom-makeup artist, I came to school right before the Halloween parade to put on her make up.
clown on a unicycle













It was a bonus that this clown has been working on his unicycle skills for months and is good enough to ride around with his candy bag in his hand. This costume is made out of a pile of silk scarves my mother-in-law gave me (instead of Goodwill).  Zipper down the back (basic jumpsuit pattern) and a few pom-poms down the front. Makeup was studied at various clown makeup sites online, then applied just before the school parade. Red wig and red clown nose are from a local costume shop. Converse shoes tie it all together. For a closer look at the clown costume look here.



clown and luke skywalker costumesWhat’s better than showing off your cute little brother, dressed as tiny Luke Skywalker at school?
young luke skywalker









This costume was made after pouring over pictures and frozen screen movie images of Luke Skywalker. The cape is just a basic pattern, probably originally designed for Harry Potter fans. The tunic and pants were made using the same pattern as the geisha dress, just shortened and lengthened when necessary. The key was the belt and accessories attached. The belt is just a wide (3 or so inches) band attached around the body with velcro and had several velcro loops for attaching the light saber (purchased online, fairly cheaply). The boots were borrowed from his big sister.
renaissance princess costume, queen costume




This medieval princess costume is also from a basic ‘princess,queen’ costume pattern. Slightly more complicated, the white tunic dress underneath is separate from the pink, sparkly lace-up-the-sides top layer. The sleeve detail adds a few airy layers for a more regal effect.


medieval princess, medieval queen costume

Crown from a costume shop, necklace from Forever 21. I love the hairdo she asked for- two high messy buns for a bit of a Knight’s Tale modern/medieval look.






for the whole day in pictures look here