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making a pillow sham, with piping and a zipper

I just posted a tutorial on how to make a professional looking pillow cover like this one- zipper too- all by yourself. Have no fear, zippers are really no big deal and when you can take the cover off to wash it… you’ll be so glad you took the time (10 minutes tops) to put in that zipper.

Here is the link to the tutorial:
How to make a pillow sham with piping and a zipper

pillow shams

I’ve been collecting various indoor canvas fabrics to make pillows for the family room I’ve been whipping into shape for some time now- so many distractions…

I think I’m going to put plain, solid color bright cotton fabrics for the piping on the pillow shams. After making plenty of pillow covers or shams over the years, piping or some sort of embellishment on the edges really gives the pillow a finished, professional look.

All sewn, in all their random glory… I even picked out the seams of a pillow I’d previously made a cover for but left off the piping (I was in a big hurry, I think my book group was on their way over) because it looked so blah in comparison to the other pillows.

A wacky mix of patterns and colors but with the common attribute of bright piping on the edges tying it all together, looking good without looking forced,  like a school picture.
Find the tutorial here.