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how to make a face mask

How to make a face mask – 2nd edition

leopard print face mask

Hey all you cool cats and kittens… here’s how to make a face mask! Lots has happened in the face mask making world over the last month and oh what a ride has been.

Here is my new, improved pattern and design, all-of-the-latest-developments in the DIY homemade mask making world that can help us flatten the curve and slow the spread of the covid19! (My other pattern here)

If you’re not in the mood for making, purchase a mask from my Etsy shop and support small businesses!

Printable pattern:

Free printable pattern below- ready to download. Drag and drop the above pattern to your desktop. It is ready to be printed at 100% on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

face mask pattern

This pattern features 4 pleats for maximum expansion over the nose and mouth. The ties are convertible to tie behind the ears or the head.

how to make a face mask

In easy to follow, concise instructions (no reading or even listening required) I go through sewing a mask with 4 pleats for maximum expansion over the nose and mouth. Ties instead of elastic (because elastic is very hard to come by right now) hold the mask in place. The ties can be worn tied behind your ears or tied behind your head.

how to add pipe cleaners to a mask

UPDATE: Use a pipe cleaner (sewn into a channel below the ties or directly into the ties) to form fit around the nose. It’s a use what you have situation with chenille with everyone digging deep into long forgotten craft drawers and boxes. God bless pipe cleaners for making a better mask!

add pipe cleaners to a face mask

Make a channel between the main panel fabric layers by taking or leaving out a couple of stitches. Sew across both layers leaving a 1/4 inch channel to leave a sleeve to house the chenille. Feed the chenille into the housing, cut the pipe cleaner off and tack the hole closed.

face mask with pipe cleaner for nose

For another style of mask in the How to Make a Face Mask World, take a look here.

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