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vintage apron pattern

full apron with fancy necklaceAhh, an apron for women, that could very well be a summer dress because it wraps all the way around in the back, better than many wrap skirts in fact. But, from the looks of it on Linda (the dress form) it’s perhaps at it’s best advantage as kitchen lingerie. Let’s take a closer look at the vintage apron pattern.

McCalls vintage apron patternI love all the pictures, I always do on patterns. They’re always so promising with Barbie doll proportions portrayed in the drawings, how could you not purchase the dream of the impossibly tiny waist and ridiculously long legs- in any decade?

back McCalls apron patternThe year on the pattern is 1975- bell bottoms, feathered hair and wide collared shirts to remember a few treasured looks from that era. As you can see, it’s billed as “Misses’ Butcher Apron” whatever that means.  I knew it would sew up quickly… I had to try it for myself.

full front apronI altered the neckline a bit. I do not enjoy the feel and pull of a tie-behind-the-neck apron. I changed it to fit more like a collar and not be a nuisance on the back of the neck. There are two darts on either side of the bodice area, to fit the fabric better around the bosom.

full wrap apron backFull coverage across the bottom- from hip to hip in fact (hospital gown designers could take a page from this pattern). Much better suited as a wrap dress than apron, although with the semi-fitted bodice area, showing sexy back- why not consider the look for something sassy to wear in the kitchen? With as much (or as little) as you like underneath…  “Misses’ Butcher Apron” I think not!

vintage wood grain fabricThis floral fabric is lawn cotton, a very lightweight, soft and semi-transparent fabric to add to the apron’s flirty appeal. A swatch of wood grain fabric for pockets, blends but doesn’t overwhelm, keeps it down to business, lest you be misunderstood in any way.  Oh and don’t forget the necklace… and heels.

Do I need to stock my etsy shop with this apron, perhaps for Father’s Day?


McCalls printed pattern 4597 from 1958

First and foremost on the schedule this week is making a dress from this pattern for my daughter. The Preference dance at the high school is Saturday, a deadline that’s creeping right up. The dress will be red but I really want this hot pink silk to fit somewhere into the final picture- a sash of some sort, stole, shawl, a fabric flower corsage, hat, belt… I’ll think of something. Red and pink together are hot.

I love just looking at vintage patterns, the drawings, and oh the measurements! In today’s world the dress I’m making would be size 6 to 8. According to the sizing chart shown here, the same measurements equal a size 16 in 1958.

By sheer luck this pattern is a size 16 and so very few alterations to the pattern will be needed, thank goodness. And the pattern says ‘easy’ another bonus on the pressed-for-time schedule. I love reading the instructions on old patterns and seeing what’s changed and what’s stayed the same in the sewing world.

I can’t remember where I acquired this pattern but, when it arrived in my hands, all of the pieces had already been cut out, and in some cases cut up (above). I had to do some detective work to make sure I pieced things together right. I’m weirdly excited make this elbow with darts, I can’t say I’ve ever made a sleeve like it before- kinda fancy.

One piece of the pattern was missing, the front neck facing piece. This is fairly easy to replace, it’s basically the same shape as the neck line of the front bodice piece. I just re-created it on paper by using the bodice front as a template- don’t forget to add seam allowance when making a new pattern piece.

All ready to be cut out… so exciting, and finally getting to the good stuff. The fabric is a nice medium weight gabardine, that hangs quite nicely. Although I feel like I might want to line the whole dress to make it feel more substantial. We’ll see how ambitious I get in the end.

By the way… stay tuned tomorrow for a great homemade-by-my-mom prom dress story from my high school days, I’m going to see if I can find the actual picture tonight!

behind the scenes

But wait… there’s more! If you were itching to get behind the scenes, want to see my daughter’s date get kissed by her father or just want to see more from the Homecoming photo shoot this past weekend… here is your chance. Created by my lovely and talented movie making spouse– a minute of fun and smiles, flowers and pretty faces.

homecoming2012 from Solpin Films on Vimeo.