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apron lingerie vintage pattern
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Apron lingerie vintage pattern

apron lingerie vintage pattern

Apron lingerie from a vintage pattern?  …perhaps.  It could be a summer dress because it wraps all the way around in the back, better than many wrap skirts in fact. But, from the looks of it on Linda (the dress form) it’s perhaps at its best advantage as kitchen lingerie. Let’s take a closer look at the vintage apron pattern.

McCalls vintage apron pattern

I love all the pictures, I always do on patterns. They’re always so promising with Barbie doll proportions portrayed in the drawings. How could you not purchase the dream of the impossibly tiny waist and ridiculously long legs- in any decade?

back McCalls apron pattern

The year on the pattern is 1975- bell bottoms, feathered hair and wide collared shirts to remember a few treasured looks from that era. As you can see, it’s billed as “Misses’ Butcher Apron” whatever that means.  I knew it would sew up quickly… I had to try it for myself.

apron lingerie vintage pattern

Altering the pattern-

I altered the neckline a bit. The tie-behind-the-neck apron is very uncomfortable, if you ask me. It was changed to fit more like a collar and not be a nuisance on the back of the neck. There are two darts on either side of the bodice area, to fit the fabric better around the bosom.

full wrap apron back

Full coverage across the bottom- from hip to hip in fact (and hospital gown designers could take a page from this pattern). Much better suited as a wrap dress than apron. Although, with the semi-fitted bodice area, showing sexy back- why not consider the look for something sassy to wear in the kitchen? With as much (or as little) as you like underneath…  “Misses’ Butcher Apron” I think not!

vintage wood grain fabric

This floral fabric is lawn cotton, a very lightweight, soft and semi- because transparent fabric will add to the apron’s flirty appeal. A swatch of wood grain fabric for pockets, blends but doesn’t overwhelm, keeps it down to business, lest you be misunderstood in any way.  Oh and don’t forget the necklace… and heels.

Do I need to stock my Etsy shop with this apron, perhaps for Father’s Day?

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  1. kalamitykelli

    April 30, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    I love it and especially the material – it looks a lot like that green flower material! My aunt Irene had a wrap around apron from the 50’s but it was the top part that wrapped around – it had 3 arm-holes. She wore it every Christmas even though it wasn’t red or green but it kept her silk blouses from getting any stains on them! I’ll have to dig up a picture. You did a beautiful job!

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