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sorry Denyse Schmidt

denyse schmidt inspired quilt
I just made a Denyse Schmidt inspired quilt, which I love. I couldn’t afford one of her quilts, and when you love to sew…why not just make it yourself? The abstract but blocky color concept drew me in. I had to try my hand at this style of quilting. Making wonky squares, or squares that aren’t perfect is harder than you would think. It takes some effort to look sufficiently un-square.

I had it quilted by a local quilt shop, machine quilted but free-hand by a very talented staff member. She has done some amazing geometric patterns in her machine quilt stitching.

denyse schmidt inspired quilt

It was so fun to make and working with blocks of color in quilting is so throughly enjoyable, I had to make another one. Machine quilted by the same shop because I liked what they did so very much. The color blocks are quilted with a darker thread, the swirls around are quilted with white thread.

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  1. so

    January 10, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    i think you and Denyse should wrestle—I think you could take her down

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