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embroidery hoop wreath

Ta-da…. here is the very close to finished room of my little gal. Just the curtains need to be sewn, but I need a few more yards of the fabric shown. (Alexander Henry ‘Hollywood” in teal and brown, draped over the curtain rod) I bought this piece at Joanns’s just about a month ago but they are all out- even the warehouse. I could only find it again for top dollar on ebay. I guess I should be glad I could find any at all. It should be here next week, and I can finish the curtains then. The walls are Martha’s foxglove pink. I swear by Martha Stewart paint colors- there really are no bad colors. I have never been disappointed, or had to repaint with a Martha color. The prints hung on the wall are recycled from the toy room, I just repainted the frames brown (and a glitter clear coat over the top- just for fun) I got them at Hip and Humble a few years back. They are Seasons on the Farm by Eeboo.

The toy room has been dismantled and taken over by my oldest daughter, so the kitchen is back in M’s room. I built this kitchen set for the kids in 2002 I think, for Christmas. (based on a Land of Nod kitchen) It has been used as a restaurant, doctors office, vet’s office, you-name-it kind of store, and kitchen- of course. Behind the kitchen is the backside of the shoe quilt, just turned around to mix it up for awhile.

This little Frida painting is by Ann Gardner, a local gal. We traded a few years ago at a art and craft fair where we were both vendors. I think she got one of my skeleton dollys.

I thought this bit of crafty decor the other morning, an embroidery hoop wreath with found objects from around the house. OK- I admit I did have to purchase the giant embroidery hoop, but the rest I gathered up from here and there. Lit up or not M. thinks this is the best part of her new room.

Materials used for embroidery hoop wreath :
1 giant embroidery hoop
1 strand of Christmas lights with various colored ribbons tied in between each light.
1 garland of felt beads
1 garland of felt flowers
Wrap everything around the hoop then hang it on the wall. Mix in any strand of anything you have laying around.


  1. Melissa Miller

    February 29, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    You are the queen! That bedroom is so cute. You made the kitchen? And the cute wreath. I love all the art work, the quilt, everything. I saw your lovely new shutter, door colors the other day. Great color!!

  2. steph

    February 29, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    Darling room! Look at all of the hell you went through last week to pull it off, but it’s worth it. Those little nuggets love a new room! Way to go…

  3. Midge

    March 8, 2008 at 12:22 am

    So cute, I love all the little details. I want that little deer pillow that’s on the bed. That kitchen rocks I can’t believe you made it. Thanks for posting the finished product.

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