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photo journal- Portland, Oregon & Seattle, Washington

Went to Portland & Seattle -and in between- with some lady friends this last weekend and had some darn good times. Here are the best-of-the-best photos of Portland, Oregon & Seattle Washington- two fantastic, beautiful and unique cities.
pikes place market seattle washington
The neon signs of Pikes Place Market in Seattle.

pink rhododendron bushes
Flowering bushes- (perhaps rhododendron?)

bicycles on the street in Portland
Bicycles on the street in Portland- always notice bicycles, where ever you go.

enjoying a sandwich, outdoor eating
Eating delicious sandwiches in an outdoor cafe on a rare sunny day in Portland.

colorful house street in Portland Oregon
This street is inspiring- the way the whole world should look, clean and colorful.

tricycle locked to a pole in Portland
Safety first- gotta always lock your bike or trike …and then don’t lose the key.

enjoying a piece of chocolate cake
And of course treats, preferably chocolate, must be slowly enjoyed, with friends in the warm spring sunshine.

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  1. steph

    May 27, 2009 at 2:20 am

    Every picture should be of food! I look 4 months pregnant!!

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