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what a difference a coat of paint can make

Here is the before picture of the master bedroom, the way it’s looked for too long. About a year ago I could stand it no longer. I chucked the old worn bedding and sewed up some new stuff. Finally, at long last, I finished the rest of the room. I realized this room has been ‘squash blossom’ yellow for 10 years now. Wow, time flies- I never thought I would be the girl that leaves a room alone for anywhere near that long, but then you get busy and the years pass…

The new wall color is gray, looks kind of purple in some light, and is so refreshing and clean. While I was at it- I picked up some much needed new blinds, a new light fixture with a ceiling fan. I used a can of metallic spray paint for the fixtures on either side of the bed and found a couple of new lamp shade at Ikea too. Almost the best part was that it was all done in 24 hours-(thank you Steve O for the help) The only things left are to make the curtains and a quilt for above the bed.
I ran into the fabric hanging in front of the window at Ikea and picked up a couple of yards just for fun- not even with this project in mind. It’s a little bold in this room but I think I like it.

Here is another curtain fabric option- also in the bold category and from Ikea. As I look at these pictures, I lean toward this fabrics for curtains, but I still can’t decide. The chair, I can say for sure, needs to go or get an overhaul. I got it out of the trash many years ago, had it reupholstered once already. But the four precious little angels that run this place sure are hard on furniture. Perhaps some new upholstery- again.

In the end, I suppose the final drapery decision all comes down to the quilt I make for over the bed. Here is the criteria for the quilt- that it take about a day to make, uses mixed textures, is abstract and of course- colorful.
I’ve been loving Thomas Campbell’s stuff lately and quilt boy- what’s his name- Ian Hundley. Also, I’ve always loved the abstract quilt at Sundance in the hallway between the General Store and Grill Room, but I can’t find an image of it to share- sorry.
Let’s see if I can find a moment to stitch something up for this empty spot.

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  1. sam

    February 8, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    LOVE that Kandinsky remake above the bed!

    Hey Noelle,
    Just thought I’d say hi and THANK YOU for asking me to apply to the last Bazaar. I have gotten so much great exposure because of it. In fact, the editor of the Provo Orem Word magazine saw my work at the Bazaar and my painting, Flying Dad, is now on the cover of the first issue! Crazy.

    I also noticed that you are friends with Zina. She is one of my most favorite people. 🙂

    Thanks again, Noelle!

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