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The Spring 2010 Beehive Bazaar starts tomorrow night… The pillows here are by Ruby Market, they’ll be at the show as well as about 75 other extremely talented artists and crafters and their handmade wares.
It’s been a lot of work preparing for this Beehive Bazaar, the reward is see it all come together under one roof. Everyone involved has literally spent thousands of hours painting, sewing, drawing, gluing, cutting, knitting, crocheting, baking, printing, (what am I leaving out?) photographing, stenciling… working their little fingers to the bone. Oh (sigh) but finally seeing the Bazaar all set up it is a sight to behold and a surreal shopping experience for all who attend- the creativity, uniqueness, originality- the handmadeness leaves me swooning.
Oh, and by the way Salt Lake City Weekly and ArtDuh just published great articles about the Bazaar. View them here and here.

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