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In keeping with holiday tradition and because the kids wouldn’t stop hounding me… we (finally) made gingerbread houses.

We managed to get 4 small houses out of one batch of gingerbread, thank goodness, a few wreaths and one evergreen tree too.

A couple of regular houses, one A-frame and a modern design that looks a lot like a church built in the 70’s- everyone was happy armed with handfuls of sugar plums and candy canes ready to decorate. I think I might have gone a little overboard on the amount of candy, but you don’t want to perhaps impede the serious builder with a lack of proper sugary & colorful ingredients.

M’s house has star shaped windows…as you can see, the Dots (candy) are so irresistible, one has already been snatched and gobbled off the front entryway.
Apparently, a fancy yard means more than a really elaborately detailed house, or maybe it’s just easier to pick M&M’s off a flat surface a little later on. I think that’s how you know you’re not a kid anymore- eating candy off a gingerbread house sounds kind of like drinking water out of the gutter…

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