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I have these two metal desk that we’ve picked up along the way, back to back in my sewing room. I love the standing/drafting desk. It’s the perfect height for cutting. The red desk is another story- it’s one redeeming quality is the long drawers underneath for poster/big flat paper storage. Since this room has been moved into I’ve wanted to somehow raise up the red desk to standing height and make one big work surface.
After thinking for months about raising the whole thing up (like on cinderblocks) I finally puzzled it out… I took off the top and used 2X6’s to build a frame that only lifted up the top, and with a lot less weird looking result, I hope.


Luckily, a 2X6 was the perfect height, since my tool selection is currently limited to a circular saw, drill and a few bits.

I had some red paint (that is going on the exterior of my house soon) that matched almost exactly the painted color.

I had to do a little shimming here and there to get the height right. The tops still don’t match exactly- good enough- I say.

I needed some way to brace the whole contraption to the desk underneath. Hole in the metal were in place already, so I had to work with what already there. I found these metal brackets at Home Depot which actually lined up, with a little bending and turning. Now I just need to paint it red too.

Finally finished, in the harsh light of day and with a camera flash the reds look a bit crazy together, but in reality, you have to look hard to notice the lifter part is not part of the original desk. I picked up a huge 3 section cutting board I picked up a while back (anticipating this project) with my 50% off coupon at Joann’s, I can finally use it. And the truth is I don’t really care what it looks like, just that it’s done-checked off the list.

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