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I’m finally getting around to the front porch chairs… perhaps it’s mostly because I couldn’t really come up with any more colors I liked after all of the sudden adding so much with the garage, front door and shutters.  I’ve collected these chairs over the winter, with the front porch in mind- the rocker one was given to me by a storage unit neighbor (yay, I love free!) and I found the other two in an antique store’s back lot- super cheap.

I like the pink, even though it looks a little bright in this picture, the silver works too. The silver chair stood out when it was white, I figured a subtle ‘satin nickel’ would be better than a bright color. I think the yellow is too bright, I think I’ll take it down a notch with yet another can of spray paint- when I get a minute.
 By the way- if you are looking for great spray paint colors, check out your local craft store. I discovered (a little late unfortunately) that Michaels had a much better color selection than even Home Depot or Ace hardware stores.

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