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Halloween 2011 recap

60’s style dress turned out great- just a word to the wise, be careful with vintage patterns- sizing has changed over the years and you might end up making a couple of bodices or getting to know your seam ripper.

Love this picture, took it myself- thank you very much. This is what you get with a great camera, willing participant and trigger finger. We took about 100 pictures of this cute gal and got some gems.

We were going to add bubble gum chunks to the ice cream, but I ran out of time. Also, I need to engineer something better than a yardstick to hold the ice cream part up over his head. Overall, funny, good costume choice F.

The ringlets didn’t turn out (super straight hair and we got a late start…) so we took it all and plopped it on top of her head, with 42 bobby pins, 11 squirts of hairspray and a palm full of gel. I wish I could make my hair do stuff like this…

Super bugged kids, done with pictures and ready to trick or treat.

All the essential Halloween costume elements covered: updo, hoop, sparkly makeup, Lee Press-On Nails (oh wait, that was my generation).

Between school and trick or treating, I think this guy spent about 6 hours in this costume yesterday. I don’t suppose it is particularly cozy, he’s a good sport.

Ahh- exhausted, but happy with the evenings spoils.

Sharing the haul.

This years jack-o-lanterns, all for one and one for all.

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  1. precia

    November 1, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Wow nice costumes!!! Q looks like a supermodel. M looks awesome too. Is that Moms hoop skirt she wore in her wedding?

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