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show some handmade appreciation

This is so perfectly perfect, accurately undeniable and obvious- it’s hard to believe every handmade gift doesn’t sport a friendly little reminder label like this one, because they darn well should.
In the words of Sublime Stitching and in that it couldn’t be said any better:
“So, I spent aalll this time making a gift for (insert soon-to-be ex-friend’s name here) and they just tossed it aside like ‘whatever’ and didn’t even seem to appreciate it! Grrrr…”
I’ve come across such plaintive blog entries and comments more than a few times in my DIY days. Since Christmas is approaching, and since I know lots of you are gonna be stitching up gifts (HINT), I thought these might come in handy. You won’t have to say a word. Just bat your eyes innocently, exuding nothing but the spirit of giving-givy-ness and let the label say what you want to (but probably shouldn’t).”

Made by Sublime Stitching this is where you can find the labels.

Now listen up y’all—> do right by handmade and construct your homespun handicraft worthy of the label and the praise… c’mon, you can do it!

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