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DIY: super secret storage in a book

What a clever, studious lad.
Now let’s see… where was I?
Giving up his secret to the world… shhhh.
Be sure to ‘pretend read’ with a very thoughtful, convincing and engaged look on your face.
Now your teacher will never know you are playing Words with Friends during sustained silent reading.
DIY: Super Secret Storage Space In A Book
You will need: A thick hardcover book you aren’t particularly inclined to read ever again that can sit upon the shelf undisturbed- mundane enough to quash any suspicion or curiosity… but try not to overthink it.  A ruler, pencil or pen and a sharp exacto knife. Optional: glue

Beginning about 25 pages into the book, measure the size of the item you’d like to hide, and mark it out onto the page with your pencil or pen and ruler (if you need straight lines). Using the ruler, begin to cut with the exacto knife, as deeply as your blade is sharp, and for heavens sake- be careful.  Mark the next layer with your pencil, flip the pages you have already cut. Repeat cutting until the space is the depth and size you want. Glue the pages together for a neat and tidy compartment.

Insert your most precious belongings and be assured they will be there when you get home from school.

Please recycle the papers you removed from the book, either into the recycling bin or hoard them for when you desperately need some printed text for another craft you want to make 3 years from now.

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