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up cycled ski pants

I picked up these ski pants at my favorite local thrift store- at a even further discounted price due to rips the side seams… it looks like the previous owner spent too much time in the lodge nibbling on chocolate biscuits and slurping up hot coco and not enough time actually skiing…

The other side of the pants- mended once already.
Instead of simply stitching up the blown out seams, the mending job would be very obvious, no matter what, I decided to cover the whole side seam up with some ribbon. I gathered up my fairly extensive woven ribbon collection- closed my eyes, spun around and pointed my a finger- or something like that.

Here is the winner- a subtly colored floral ribbon, somewhat narrow- compared to some of the others, but a safe choice.

I like the ribbon accent- got lots of compliments too. Next time around, I’ll go bolder and brighter- oh and there will be a next time because it sure is a more affordable way to go, and I don’t have to panic when I decide to alter or fix things.

Here is my Olan Mills ski snapshot picture- lots of fresh snow and still snowing. First tracks felt awesome in my fancy ‘new’ pants today.

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  1. kassiastclair

    March 9, 2012 at 10:09 am

    Just about to go skiing and I’m very excited about it!

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