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the best feeling ever

20120619-230613.jpgToday we drove out into the rural countryside in Cambodia, Pursat Province, to the village of Chung Ruk for the opening ceremonies of our Youthlinc service project.

The Youthlinc kids have been working for a year on projects and fundraisers to purchase goods that will benefit this village. The concept has been a bit abstract and foreign- until today. Today all their hard work paid off and the students were able to see the bikes, watering cans, school uniforms and medical kits (among other things) that will help bring this village transportation, education, clean water, and self sustainability- but most of all hope for the future.

Watching the faces of the kids light up with shy smiles as they were each given a uniform was so overwhelming, I was holding back tears with a huge smile plastered on my own face.

A few water buffalos and cows and chickens were given to a few families in the village to help them have a source of income and become more self sufficient. Could the baby water buffalo be any cuter?

The language barrier was quickly forgotten after a few rounds of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘The ABC song’.

As a mother myself, I loved seeing the mothers gratefully watch their children receiving new school uniforms and interacting with us.

Some students brought bubbles, nail polish and balloons to show the children. Of course, after getting their own nails painted, they wanted to paint ours too.
What a fulfilling feeling it is to do some good in the world, it’s hard to describe the pure joy and happiness that I felt by being a part of this experience. Two very different worlds coming together to help each other. We are able to provide better living standards for these kind hearted, humble people who have so little and they were able to provide us with a service experience that will never be forgotten.

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