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Dear Anthropologie,
I don’t hate you, I love you. Thank you for making me want to be a better person- well, better dressed and accessorized at least. Darling, your current batch of jewels are just too much- to-die-for. Thanks for making me dream about elegant evenings under glittering lights, in which I engage in sophisticated repartee and occasionally throw my head back and laugh– in this necklace.

Beaded Phoenix Necklace, $698.
How I go about getting this adornment might go like this–> in a ballroom full of fancy people- the lights go out, the crowd gasps, when the lights come back on 10 seconds later, the beaded phoenix necklace is missing and I’m heading for the door.

Then I can (and will) wear it the next night and every night after that even if I’m just making spaghetti for the kids.

Here are a few other lovely, slightly cheaper options- for those living in the real world.

Candyflower necklace, only $78

Amborella necklace, $58

Floraburst necklace, $48

Metropolis bib necklace, $88

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