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the warmth of wood- wood inspired design

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it. Here’s a sampling of wood inspired design in pretty much every aspect of life.

No sanding necessary, Soft Wood Sofa by Moroso. I really, really love this sofa and I would image it would look brilliant anywhere you put it and in any room setting.

Birch Screen printed wool log pillow by Erika Kern.  Once again, tricking the eye and making your guests wonder why there is a log placed on your chair or sofa and wouldn’t it look amazing on a a bed!?

Wood paneling, faux-bois print clothing– whatever you’d like to call it… for blending in or standing out? I love this idea. I would love a basic A-line skirt in wood pattern fabric.

Split log wall sconce. Subtle and gorgeous- a fabulous design idea.

Primitive real wood apples by Merritt Hyde. So simple and it could easily be a craft project done with kids. A bit of sanding on the edges would only add to the charm as well.

Ahhh… now doesn’t that look like it feels good? Just looking at this art relaxes me and wheter or not I’m in that pose, my brain feels like it’s been there and that says everything.
Artist, Paul Baden

It’s like staring into a campfire, mesmerizingly beautiful.

Wooden rings by Brazilian wood artist Hugo Franca. Everything about this picture and space is delightful.

Pile o Wood watercolor by Geninne, my husband and I have had a healthy approbation for this gal for years now. God bless the world wide web.

Count me in on all of the above.

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