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wald bike basket bag
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Making a Wald bicycle basket bag

 Custom bicycle basket bag
New tutorial on YouTube!

Learn how to make your own bicycle basket bag on my channel! I recently found this cute 1980’s Schwinn Collegiate cruiser bike at the local thrift store. With some new tires, oil on the chain and a new Wald 137 basket on the front, I was ready to cruise!

Blue womens Schwinn Collegiate cruiser bike, circa 1982, Wald basket

While very functional, it quickly became evident I needed some sort of bag to fit into my basket, my goods were bouncing out every time I hit a bump.

Making a bag to fit my bike basket

Make a bike basket bag of your own.

Watch the full tutorial on how to make a bicycle basket bag to fit your basket- no matter the brand. In the video I go through the step by step process of measuring, designing, creating a pattern and sewing a bag for a Wald 137 standard bicycle basket. My Wald basket measures 15 x 10 x 4.8 inches, but this pattern can be adapted for any basket.

Very expandable bag aspect, 4 internal pockets
How to make zipper pockets, and an easy drawstring closure for your bike bag included in the tutorial.

In the bicycle basket bag there are internal pockets, with and without zippers. I cover the easiest, best way to sew a pocket with a zipper closure.

Leather straps for carrying while not on the bike.
Perfect bag for a bicycle cruise to your local farmers market for some fresh veggies.

A drawstring closure and a significant amount of expansion in the design of this bike bag allows for the safe carrying of many items without the fear of your goods falling out when the road gets bumpy.

When not expanded, the extra fabric can be tucked into the bag and kept out of the way.
Easy carrying straps for walking around with the bag over your shoulder.

The fabrics I use are upcycled vinyl and heavyweight cottons leftover from previous projects throughout the years. The floral fabric on the expandable part of the bag is a vintage cotton from an old set of drapes I found a thrift store a while back. Their slight faded quality just adds extra character and adventurousness to the bag.

Tuck the straps and drawstring into the top and you're ready to roll.

This bicycle basket bag is designed to be collapsed and then expanded to accommodate trips to the farmers market, grocery store or your favorite take out joint.

An easy bag to carry or ride with in the basket.

The leather straps are long enough to allow wearing the bag over your shoulder when walking around carrying it and the bag is not in the basket.

Drawstring closure keeps your goods safely inside, on or off the bike.

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