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Upcycling T-shirts in 3 Easy Projects

We all have a stack of tee shirts- too good to give away or -heaven forbid- throw away but for whatever reason, we don’t wear them anymore. Check out these project examples then scoot over to YouTube for the full step by step tutorial on how to get started- a refashioning tee shirts upcycling project for your old tee shirt collection.

Here are a few shirts that I just don’t wear anymore but I still love the colors and the feel of the fabrics. With a bit of creative thinking, you can refashion, fix and upcycle some of your favorite jersey cotton tees.

With a basic knowledge of sewing, some patience (jersey cotton can be challenging to sew!) and perseverance you can do your part to stop climate change and help save the planet! An excellent reason to learn how to sew…

These two shirts were combined for similar reasons- the blue shirt fit great but I was done with the logo. The robot images on the white shirt were so good but the shirt was way too small for anyone in our family to ever wear again.

The fit of the refashioned tee stays the same, no layers are added just a panel added in a quilt piecing kind of way. This technique is a very easy way to insert a favorite logo or saying onto an already well fitting shirt.

And of course, upcycling of the coveted well fitting long sleeve tee shirt. The third project in the video tutorial is another, different technique for covering a logo but a great way to save a tee shirt. Create or fix a long sleeve shirt, add sleeve length, change colors or subtract length- it’s up to you. What are you waiting for… watch the process of a refashioning tee shirts upcycling project and get ready to do you part and your own repurposing!

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