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Jeans embellishment
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Embellishing jeans DIY

embroidery jeans cuffs

It’s so easy to breathe some life back into an old pair of jeans with this embellishing jeans DIY! Refresh your wardrobe for the season with these 3 easy and cheap sewing video tutorials on fixing up an old pair of jeans into a whole fresh new look.

I was lucky enough to find a beautiful collection of vintage ribbon and trim trim at a local shop and ribbon and trim at local fabric or craft shops but I was amazed by the selection available on Ebay, Etsy and other online sources.

vintage ribbon and trim embellishments

It’s easy to emulate Anthropologie and other retailers with embellished jeans and embroidered hem jeans with a handmade, much more budget friendly and creative option. Commit to sustainability in fashion by creatively repurposing your current wardrobe!

embroidered ribbon jean cuffs

Once you collect all of the trim, ribbon and lace you could possibly need, and more (let’s be honest here…) lay our some possible combinations, take pics to help you remember your favorite combos.

vintage lace and ribbon jean cuffs project
embellished jeans DIY

Choose a combo with colors you like or wear frequently.

vintage ribbon and trim

All of the trim available in my studio- ribbon of all kinds, shapes and sizes, lace, and woven bits collected along the way. This kind of project is a testament to collecting bits- but also staying organized so you can find the bits when you need them.

embroidered cuffs on jeans DIY

Embellishing jeans DIY- here we go!

Once you’ve selected your embellishments, the sewing aspect is very easy. It helps to have a sewing machine with a free arm aspect. Watch the video tutorial for a step by step look.

Anthropologie jeans embellishment hack

I took the back pocket flaps off of these jeans and while I don’t mind the darker patched, I added a piece of lace to cover it up in this case. Anthropologie definitely inspired this look.

striped ribbon on side seam of pants

Having a free arm sewing machine is essential when stitching down the sides of pants or sleeves. Sew carefully- take your time and continually move the fabric underneath out of the way as you go.

embellishing jeans DIY

Following a green and blue color palatte with vintage ribbon, velvet and linen looking ribbons, lace trim, and sparkly ribbons to tie it all together.

striped grosgrain ribbon on pants

Wide grosgrain striped ribbon embellishing jeans here- a sophisticated, dressed up look that would look amazing with strappy heels.

Anthropologie jean embellishment DIY

A very eye catching jean embellishment- the hips are a great place to showcase your favorite trims and really make a statement. This version took the most puzzling and preparation so as not to sew over the pockets on the inside. Follow the full tutorial for sewing techniques in order to pull off this project and do a professional job.

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