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Shed to Greenhouse Project

tiny greenhouse

I’ve been dreaming of having a greenhouse most of my adult life, and now I’ve finally made it happen! Not only is it a place where my plants can thrive, but it’s a hideout for one when you need some sunny alone time with silence and just the company of plants. I hope you enjoy this shed to greenhouse project, be sure and watch the video!

Shed to greenhouse DIY

Follow along the very satisfying project of turning a tiny, boring shed into a greenhouse- from start to finish. The video isn’t a how to but a journey of discovery and learning for me and hopefully inspirational for you.

The Garden Shed

This shed came with our house and has been an underutilized tiny, dark cavern- basically taking up space next to where we put our vegetable garden on the south side of our house.

shed makeover

When our neighbors decided to replace the 50 year old windows in their house, I knew it was my big chance to turn my shed into a greenhouse.

framing greenhouse windows

We cleaned out the random contents and started cutting window holes. I consulted with a builder friend on how to properly frame in the windows, and any other questions I had along the way.

DIY greenhouse shed

I’m no expert builder, just an eager maker happily upcycling my existing shed, some very cute vintage windows and trying to keep it all within a reasonable budget.

vintage window greenhouse

We had the help of Jacqueline the kitty, and my daughter to keep the work progressing daily and the mood light on this shed to greenhouse project.

converting a shed to a greenhouse

The Pieces Come Together

I was happy to learn that I could keep the existing door and just have windows put into for a nominal fee at a local door makers shop.

upcycled windows greenhouse

I finished the inside by insulating 2×4 walls and ceiling the entire shed. Then I finished the walls with 1/4 inch plywood, 1×4’s for interior window frames and lots of caulk to seal the deal. I put in a thermostat controlled attic fan to vent the space during the hot summer months.

All painted and tiled, the greenhouse looks bright and lovely inside. The new look is the opposite of the dark cave that it used to be.

backyard greenhouse

I finished the outside with board and batten siding picked up from a local used website- likely leftovers from another persons house.

shed greenhouse

I finished the outside white as well. And after months of hard work and learning a lot along the way my greenhouse is finally finished! Just in time for the test of the freezing winter months in the mountains of Utah. I have a small space heater that kicks on to keep the space from freezing at night when the temperatures drop. The sun does a great job of heating the space during the day. Feel free to kick up your feet and watch the entire process in 12 minutes, and inspiration might strike you to start your own shed to greenhouse project!

To see the humble beginnings, dirt patch to current look of my backyard, start here.

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