Gnome Cake

I can’t really believe that three of my kids are now on the double-digit train. M just turned ten- here’s to the happiest actress, comedian, peacemaking gal this side of France. Happy Birthday Doodle!

BTW, if someone in your family is nicknamed “Doodle” and you call her that most of the time (even in public), you might want to call them by their given name when traveling to Australia. We found out from an Aussie friend, during the last few days of our (month long) vacation that in the land down under ‘doodle’ refers to a certain male appendage. I can only imagine what the locals were thinking every time I yelled, “Doodle!” down the beach, in the supermarket, across the campground…

Look, I stepped it up in the cake department, only a month after my last feeble attempt. It’s a gnome, not a Santa- duh. Can’t you see it? Many young party goers were confused as well. Does Santa wear a blue shirt, green pants or yellow shoes or have a wart on his nose? No, geez.

Thank you Fruit Roll-Ups and Air Heads for delivering the goods.

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