skate ramp cake

Skate Ramp Cake

skate ramp cake

Let’s go through the steps on how to make a half pipe or skate ramp cake-

making a skate ramp cake

Step 1: You will need two cake mixes- bake one cake mix in a 9×13″ pan and the other in two 9×9″ pans. Freeze the cakes after they have cooled a bit. This will make it easier to remove the cakes from pans, cut and frost. After at least an hour in the freezer, remove the cakes from pans. The center of my 9×13 stuck a bit, this won’t matter in the end, once the ramp has been shaped. Cut the two 9×9 cakes into two pieces- one side about 1/3, the other side 2/3 of the cake.

skate ramp cake build

Step 2: Frost either side of the cake, roughly the size of the 2/3 piece and place the 2/3 piece on top of the frosting. Either side up will do, the frosting will help the layers stay put (and make the finished product more delicious).

ramp cake

Step 3: Repeat for the next layer- frost either side (as glue) and place smallest pieces on either side, on top of the frosting.

making a ramp cake

Step 4: Cutting will be easy if the cakes have been frozen. With a large sharp knife (that that will cut all the way across the entire cake) carefully cut a half circle through all of the stacked layers. Take your time and go layer by layer, holding the stack as you cut. Remove the excess pieces as you go and set them aside or eat them… you won’t need them to finish the cake.

frosting a ramp cake

Step 5: There will be gaps where the layers are stacks, quite big in some cases, luckily this is easily covered with frosting. I started with the outside of the ramp. It will take quite a bit of frosting, I used 3 containers for the whole cake. Once again, a frozen cake will be much easier to frost and the frosting won’t get drippy or runny if it’s applied to a cool surface.

skate ramp cake

Step 6: Frost the inside and top of the ramp, as you can see my frosting colors mixed a bit. Don’t sweat it, leave it or trace the edges with a thin strip of frosting (black in this case). I used two pieces of sour straws for the coping. The lettering on the outside is made with flattened pieces of Laffy Taffy, cut with scissors. Mike and Ikes surround the ramp. We used Lego dudes because they seemed about the right size, and the birthday boy loves Legos. If you’re a purist, you could make and shape skaters and boards from Laffy Taffy or just use your imagination.

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