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Customized Phone Charger Cable

glitter phone chargersA customized phone charger cable is where it’s at- here are a few great ideas on how to your customize your phone charger cable today. Who knows how many phone chargers I’ve forgotten in assorted places, left behind (or nabbed) not sure if it was mine. And I’m sure this problem is compounded for those of you who work in an office.  Even within our own house, there are continually accusations of swiped cords between family members. So you can imagine my delight when I came across this DIY customized phone charger idea. No more questioning cord ownership among family, friends and co-workers, peace and reassurance shall reign!

This will literally take you 5 minutes…

customized charger cableAlthough there are many options, I decided to go with glitter on my charger- straightforward yet elegant.

glitter iphone chargerI used a Martha Stewart glitter craft paint I had on hand, then coated the glue/paint with glitter. Regular Elmer’s glue would work too. I don’t know why I chose yellow glitter, but I’m enjoying the fact that it looks like a Peep- I kinda want to lick it.

diy customized phone chargers

I glittered both ends of the cord and the plug. Once the glitter was dry, I applied a top coat of Modge Podge (Elmer’s or other glue would also work as a top coat) to keep the glitter in place.

duct tape covered phone charger

An even easier option,  get creative with the Duck Tape. I got out a few color of tape and the scissors to slice and dice up some strips and then fun shapes, add your initials for added security.

If you’re not feeling like a do-it-yourselfer today, here are a few great retail options out there:

customized phone chargers

Customized chargers- called ‘Whooz’, from Uncrate. Super clever- with the spiffy possibility of customization. You order comes with all the decals to label charger, it’s parts and headphones.

custom charger cordOne of the many gems from from Lunatix Graffiti on Etsy where you can also find many glow in the dark and very-long-cord options for charging.

chevron glitter customized charger cord

Chevron glittered charger available from Gifts that Glitter on Etsy.

monogrammed phone charger

Monogrammed chargers or get your own sticker collection or vinyl-letter-maker out to transform your charger. You could even put your address and phone number on there so you’re sure to get it back, right?

What are you waiting for? Customize your phone charger cable post haste.

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