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Foundation Quilt Piecing- Confetti Quilt

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Confetti Quilt supply list:
Block size: 6 1/2″ (finished size)
Quilt Size: ALL sized are without borders
Baby 45 X 65″ 70 blocks 2yd. main 2 1/2 yds muslin
Lap 65 X 78″ 120 blocks 2 3/4 yds. main 4 yds. muslin
Twin 65 X 98″ 150 blocks 4 yds. main 5 yds. muslin
Queen 84 X 105″ 221 blocks 6 yds. main 7 1/4 yds. muslin

Muslin preparation:
Purchase the least expensive muslin, wash and dry to soften and shrink. Tear or cut muslin into 4 1/2″ strips, stack the strips, rotary cut into 10 1/2″ lengths. Muslin foundations will be 4 1/2″ X 10 1/2″ and there will be one for each block.

Contrast color:
Rotary cut into 5 1/2″ wide strips and cut 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ squares, 7 squares per strip. For the lap quilt, for example, 18 strips will yield 120 squares.

For each block:
1 muslin foundation AND 1 contrast square

9″, 12″ or 15″ square ruler for rotary cutting. Must have a diagonal line.
Rotary cutter with a new blade
12″ or 24″ long rotary ruler
Sewing machine with new needle
Scissors, pins, neutral thread + thread to match main color blocks

The individual blocks look like this:
20130312-093807.jpgHere’s a walk through on how to piece the block using muslin as a foundation.

muslin 4.5 by 10.5 inches.jpgStart with a 4 1/2″ by 10 1/2″ piece of pre-washed muslin.

start by adding to the left side.jpg

Place your first strip right side up across the width of the muslin.

trim underneath if desired.jpg

Place the next fabric strip right side down on top of the first strip, raw edges aligned or angled as desired and stitch through all layers. Trim away excess fabric if desired.

finger press layer flat.jpg

Flip the second fabric strip and finger press the seam.

add the next layer.jpg

Continue adding strips to the foundation.

angle and sew next layer.jpg

Add another fabric, angled or straight.

fingernail press flat.jpg

Finger press into place.

angle and add next fabric.jpg

Add the next fabric.

continue adding fabrics.jpg

And the next.

press layer flat.jpg

And the next.

sew the last layer on.jpg

Add the last fabric, until the foundation is covered.

iron all layers flat.jpg

Press the unit with an iron.

flip the block over.jpg

Flip the block so the muslin side is exposed.

trim to 4 by 10 inches.jpg

Trim the block to 4″ by 10″ with a rotary cutter and ruler.

flip back over.jpg

Flip the block back over and admire your handiwork.

cut contrast block 5.5 in square.jpg

Now cut 5 1/2″ squares for the contrast color of each block.

cut square in half diagonally.jpg

Place the block on the diagonal.

create two diamonds.jpg

And cut it in half with a rotary cutter and ruler.

mark the center with a pin.jpg

By folding, and with a pin mark the center of the foundation block and both sides of contrasting fabric block.

place centers together.jpg

With right sides together, line up the pieces with center points matching.

sew and press, repeat.jpg

Sew a triangle to each 10″ side of foundation.

block should look like this.jpg

Thread color should match triangle fabric. Foundation unit will be longer than the triangle. Press the seams away from foundation rectangle.

flip over and trim to 10 in. square.jpg

Trim to square up the unit. Use the grid side of rotary mat and 9″ square ruler. The finished block measures 7″ square. Place the muslin/triangle square unit right side up on the grid of the mat with the 4″ by 10″ trimmed muslin rectangle aligned on any lines of the mat and the 4″ side up. Place diagonal line of the square ruler on the mid-point of the 4″ side of the muslin rectangle on both short ends of rectangle (use the grid lines on the mat). Diagonal line on ruler will align through center of foundation unit. Rotary cut to trim scant bit of fabric off two sides (top and bottom) of muslin/triangle unit.

Rotate muslin/triangle unit 180 degrees on mat board and trim the remaining two sides so square measures 7″ and is clean cut on all four sides.

finished quilt block.jpg

Complete required number of blocks.

quilt squares lined up.jpg

Arrange blocks and sew into rows. Begin and end each seam with a small back stitch to secure muslin when seams are pressed open.

To view the finished quilt look here.


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