Fleece Flower

You will need: brightly colored fleece, 10 or so small beads, embroidery floss (or regular thread), a large needle and a pair of scissors.
Step 1. Cut 5 circles out of the fleece, begin with the largest flower being about 3 inches in diameter, and  each circle continually getting slightly smaller.
Step 2. Cut notches around each layer of circle to make the edges of the fleece circles look like flower pedals, be sure to round the edges of your cuts.
Step 3. Stack the circles on top of each other and place the flower stack on the side of the hat, or wherever you would like it to be sewn.
Step 4. With the embroidery floss threaded into the needle, sew the beads into the middle of the flower. With a knot in the end of the thread, begin inside the hat and sew up through all layers of the hat and flower, adding a bead for every stitch. These stitches will sew the flower to the hat and finish the inside of the flower- all in one easy step.

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