Native American Indian Vest

Here is the completed Native American Indian costume with vest and headband. How to make the vest:

I didn’t have an adequate vest pattern handy, so I had to make one up for myself; this is easily done.
Find a t-shirt from the person who will be wearing the costume to use as a size template.
Lay a blank piece of butcher paper under the shirt and traced the general shape of the front of a vest that will fit your person.
Cut out the front pattern piece,  draw and cut necessary adjustments (if needed).

Do the same for the back of the vest- lay down paper, draw the shape you want, and then cut out the pattern piece.

I used a plain flannel fabric in assorted browns for a few of the vests (I had to make 12 for a 2nd grade Thanksgiving play) and a tan faux leather fabric for a few others- it all depends on the look you want. The fake leather is a little bit more expensive (real leather even more costly).
Fold the back pattern piece in half, fold the fabric in half too.
Lay the center back of the pattern piece on the folded edge of the fabric.
Lay the front pattern piece so it will be cut twice, but not on the fold.
Cut out the pieces.

You should end up with a back and two front vest pieces.
Placing the right sides together by laying the two vest front pieces on top of the pack and matching up the side and shoulder seams.
Sew the side seams (under the arm on either side) together. Then sew both the shoulder seams together.
Turn the vest right side out.
I left the edges raw perhaps… for the rustic look, or I was in a hurry, or the vests will only be worn for 30 minutes or so once a year and I didn’t feel it necessary and the possibilities go on…
You can finish the edges by turning them under and sewing them flat if you would like a more finished look.

This is what the vest should look like when it’s been sewn together and turned right side out.
If you can, it is a good idea at this point to try the vest on and check the sizing and fit, make any necessary adjustments.
Fringe trim can be found at any craft or fabric store.
I cut two short strips of the fringe and sewed them across the chest then used rick rack about it- an easy way to add color and a zig zaggy design to the vest.

I decided not to use rick rack on the bottom edge but cut fringe instead. Use various colors and sizes of rick rack for a nice affect.

And onto the stage…

I didn’t make these pilgrim costumes but I do have a similar pilgrim bonnet tutorial, I like the simplicity of the design, and the hats. Check out my Native American Indian Headband tutorial to make the headbands shown above. I was lovin’ the moon boots on the little pilgrim in the middle, no frostbite on that one.

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